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The smartest screen recorder ever

Brand-new, easy, intuitive and convenient screencast program.

Usercorder is screen recording software from testuj.pl which make on-line collaboration easier and more interesting.


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Works with all devices!

With our product you can record computer or/and mobile screen. Usecorder works not only with dektop/laptops but also with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android).

  • Backlit cursor.
    Usecorder records backlit cursor. It brace the power of message, focus attention and don’t let anyone to get lost.
  • Uploaded scenario.
    With Usecorder you can easily upload scenario so users can perform tasks without no one moderation and without external interaction. That would help to gain objective and substantive results.
  • Changeable options.
    Customize options to your needs:
    -area of recording screen – you can choose if you want to record entire screen or just a region
    -camera – decide whether your face is necessary in video or you don’t want to put it there
    -mic – no need for recording voice and giving comments? No problem. You can always switch off mic in options.

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